Our boutique tour company specializes in travel to selected international and domestic destinations that offer a great combination of superb gastronomy and rich culture.

Our team brings extensive expertise and knowledge on these destinations which has resulted in a great response and appreciation from our customers. Not only will you immerse yourself in the local culture and its history, but also enjoy wonderful gastronomy. You will tour some of the best wineries in the world and partake of enjoyable and educational local cooking classes.

Everyone has their own personal tastes and interests. Our tour company was designed with the independent traveler in mind offering options to make your upcoming trip uniquely yours. We will provide you with a personalized and well thought out itinerary that fits your schedule, preferences and interests.

We don’t believe in rushing you. Our objective is for you to savor and enjoy every step of the way, your gastronomy and travel adventure.

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January 2021 News Update

The start of 2021 in the West US comes with plenty of skiing sites to develop just the right the level of hunger to enjoy exciting winter meals with absolutely no guilt.

This month we feature the state of UTAH. Salt Lake City, Park City and Provo are popular cities that attract international and domestic visitors. The natural beauty and towering mountains that surrounds these cities, local culture and excellent cuisine make Utah a favorite destination.

From simple snacks seasoned with Uthanians favorite’s fry sauce, to delicious Dutch oven cooked casseroles and a variety of local soups complimented with local brews and scotches. The state’s famous whiskeys and distilleries make the perfect “après” skiing destination after the lifts have closed. There are plenty of options to toast to what most agree is the best snow in the world.


In Utah you can enjoy traditional American food plus seasonal stews, soups, and great meats can be savored while boasting about be the quickest stylest run to the bar.

Utah´s traditional Dutch oven cooked Funeral Potatoes comes to the rescue. It will surely return you to the right condition to stat another day of perfect snow and food fun. Salt Lake City’s Garage on Beck is a hip dive bar and watering hole in downtown Salt Lake City. They serve three different types of funeral potatoes: classic, fiery (“baptized” in hot oil) and veggie, all made with Idaho russet potatoes for the “healthy conscious” served alongside Utah´s local brews.

In 1948 Don Carlos Edwards was playing around in Salt Lake City with ingredients in what was then called the Don Carlos Bar-B-Q when he’s said to have discovered Fry Sauce. A blend of mayo, ketchup, garlic and spices, originally called his creation ‘pink sauce’. He later introduced it to the popular chain of Artic Circle Restaurants, where you will also find food classics like Black Angus burgers and Halibut accompanied by chips, fries and onion rings.

Places like the Umbrella Bar in Park City offer the best sunsets from this yurt like structure with 360 degrees panoramic views. If Whiskey is not your thing, they count with an extensive brew menu too.

The Washington School House Boutique Hotel and the Waldorf Astoria are just two of visitor’s favorite places to stay in Park City, as well as the Saint Regis in Deer Valley.

Nearby you can stay also stay in the popular Sundance Mountain Resort. This resort spans over 5,000 acres and was built under actor Robert Redford’s supervision in 1968. Butch Cassidy was said to have drank at the resort’s Owls Bar. Since then Robert Redford has been confirmed to discover the Scotch selection by the fireplace.

Gather in this Hollywood hot spot during the Sundance Film Festival to debate movies, slopes and obviously food!

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