Our boutique tour company specializes in travel to selected international and domestic destinations that offer a great combination of superb gastronomy and rich culture.

Our team brings extensive expertise and knowledge on these destinations which has resulted in a great response and appreciation from our customers. Not only will you immerse yourself in the local culture and its history, but also enjoy wonderful gastronomy. You will tour some of the best wineries in the world and partake of enjoyable and educational local cooking classes.

Everyone has their own personal tastes and interests. Our tour company was designed with the independent traveler in mind offering options to make your upcoming trip uniquely yours. We will provide you with a personalized and well thought out itinerary that fits your schedule, preferences and interests.

We don’t believe in rushing you. Our objective is for you to savor and enjoy every step of the way, your gastronomy and travel adventure.

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Portugal’s Great Gastronomy

Portugal has caught the attention of the International Traveler looking for exciting new gastronomy destinations. It’s a Wine, Port, Seafood and food lover’s paradise.

For the first time visitor, Lisboa and Porto are a must!

Lisboa the capital is home to excellent historic restaurants offering traditional dishes, high end restaurants introducing Portugal’s new cuisine and Michelin Star restaurants. The city also offers established markets like the Ribeira Market where you can visit different stands organized by local Chefs, featuring their specialties accompanied by the popular local wines.

Nearby in Setubal by the Sea you can become acquainted with the excellent wines produced in this area when you tour their prestigious wineries found in their Azeitao area.

Northern Porto the second largest city in Portugal is a must for foodie lovers. The city is known for its established Port Lodge Wineries and historic cellars dating back to the 19th century. Winston Churchill’s became a lifelong client of their finest Vintage Ports. The city is also home to excellent restaurants featuring local Chefs like Francisco Miranda.

Porto is also the gateway to the Duoro River and Douro Wine Valley. As you travel along the Duoro River surrounded by cascading vineyards and historic towns like Amarante, Peso da Regua, Pihnao and Cambres, you can visit Portugal’s excellent northern wineries where some of the world’s best wines and ports are produced.

In the region of Alentejo, you will also find established wineries throughout. This region on the five mainland regions, which borders Spain is also favored by wine connoisseurs. The aromatic white and full bodied red wines produced here, are complimented with a rich local and traditional cuisine. The tasty Alentejo soup, or Tomato and sausage soup, seasoned with their excellent olive oil, garlic, bread and local spices. Cod, Clams and Pork cooked the Alentejo way are also favorites.

During your visit be sure to try Chocos Grelhados (grilled cuttlefish), Linguado Grelhado (grilled sole) and Peixe Espada (swordfish).  And if you like your food spicy, you can get that, too.  Remember, the Portuguese are the ones who introduce Europe to the spices of the East. Just ask for a little Piri-Piri (mega hot) sauce on the side.

To go with your meals, compliment them with a flavored Madeira wine, sparkling Vinho Verde, tangy Portuguese Sangria or a Caneca (stein) of lager beer straight from the tap.  If you can’t decide on what to drink, just ask for the Vinho do Casa (house wine) you can’t go wrong. End your meals with a glass of Vinho do Porto made with grapes from the Douro Valley and fermented with brandy, a dessert in itself.

No matter which region you visit in Portugal great gastronomy is waiting for you!

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